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Love it!!

I love how it works with my iPhone. I love all the features cant wait to show them all to friends!! Update fixed the iOS 9 issue thanks. I will keep my rating a 5 however I still cant seem to get the timing light to work. Sigh

Update broke music link

Worked fine until the new update. I can no longer stream music to the inbuilt speaker. The Bluetooth light still works.

Great app- just needs one thing

Great app. Does what it says. PLEASE add option to set a default color when the light turns on. I have it set up in a place where the default color is blinding unless changed. Please let me set a default color that shows automatically when I turn it on.

Love these bulbs

This is an amazing item and great gift only problem ive had is short life of light at about probably 80 to 100 hours it seems. May just be me and my unfortunate house.

Where is the normal light mode?

It seems the option to select the normal color light is now gone with the new upgrade. It used to be in the center, but that is not working for me.

Custom Lighting

I just received an ilight speaker for review and downloaded this app to use with my light. It really is super awesome to be able to change the light to whatever color you want by using the app color wheel. I also love that you can adjust the light: Pulse, Rhythm, candle, or strobe. One of the coolest things though is definitely using music with the app and turning the lucky to go with the beat of the music. To change it back to just a normal white light, theres a button on the center of the color wheel that you can tap. This app really makes your light fully customizable!

Crashes every time!

It lets you change the light color but every time you attempt to play music, it immediately crashes. So annoying! Please help so I can update this review.

Crashes Every Time

I have an iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 9. I connect with Bluetooth and then open the app. At about 2 seconds the App crashes. Ive deleted and reinstalled the App and rebooted the phone. Same story. Useless App and wasted money on the light.

iOS 9 ruined the app

Latest iOS update made the light bulb useless.

App Needs Upgrade

On iPhone 6 using newest iOS. App opens and then crashes after pressing activate light.


Just bought this bulb and it is useless. Crashes when i try to connect it to the bluetooth in the app. waste of money

Total Disappointment

Just purchased new bulb. This app will not connect properly so it can control the lighting. Music does work. I guess I will return the bulb unless the fix happens fast. Im using the most recent updated apple software on a 6. Please fix fast!!! Crashes are very disappointing.

Crashes every time

Just got this today, and now I cant control the light because the app keeps crashing. Please fix!

Crashes everytime!! Update it for iOS 9

Bluetooth speaker works but the app crashes everytime i try to connect it through app.


Got this yesterday and the app crashes. Hopefully they will update it soon.

Same as all other reviews

App crashes on activate light

Bummer, I really wanted this to work.

The bluetooth connects with the lamp, however the app and the lamp do not engage.

Fixed! Thanks!

Thanks for fixing the crashing problem!

Works with new app version

Last version of app didnt work at all. Latest version (10/5/15) finally works. Thanks!

Needs improvement

I love the app, and the light. But if you are going to have a button to quickly change the light to yellow, please make it actually turn yellow, as of now it is lime green. Please fix that and update the app if it isnt too much to ask. An idea for the next version is our own custom presets, since people may like some shades that require some extra effort with the color wheel.

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